Ready for the Truth
about SEO?

The SEO Folks aren't giving it to you Straight.

When they try to maninuplate rankings, Google doesn't like that.
The retaliation is Swift and Fierce, and YOUR SITE just might get de-listed.

Been getting calls from those online Scammers promising to vault you to the top of Google?

In reality, they can't do much. It usually takes a few months of paying their outrageous fees, but sooner or later you figure it out.
We have an entire presentation on this including Google Movies.

What is the Best Way to get better page rankings on Google?

It's NOT with an S.E.O. Expert. 

Why do you think Google keeps making all those changes? Think about it, evey few months there is another major update. All the webmasters scramble, the SEO guys renew their calls to you, the cycle renews.

Google does this to STOP those S.E.O. scammers from forcing artifical rankings. Granted the majority of them have very little effect but for those that do, Google doesn't like it when folks don't follow the rules and their retaliation is SEVERE. They are now starting to de-list businesses who don't comply. And if you are de-listed from Google you may as well close the doors.
But these scammers don't care because it's Your Business that gets delisted, not theirs. They already have the next sucker lined up.

So What can you do?

The FOUR Keys!

Keep your Google My Business listing up to date.

It's Critical that YOU do this. Do not let one of those scammers do it becuse they just might take it over and then you are locked to them. You can guess what happens next, you pay.

It's Critical to keep your Website Link updated.

It's also Critical that this be an https:// link, or SSL. See the Google Rules of Engagement.

This is also how you get on Google Maps which is now the #1 way folks find you. 

Your Website Link on Google Maps needs to be a Google AMP site.

Note on the Home page.
AMP ALways gets ranked higher. We won't go into all the reasons at this time, just know that if you aren't using Google's latest AMP, or at the very least Google's PWA format, your rankings will suffer.

This is why we have identified these FREE Resources.

Get your own Company Video.

Consider this,
Google Owns Youtube.
You Must have your own company video, streamed on YouTube, and linked from your Google AMP or Progressive Web App.
We have dozens of options for video if you don't already have one, and nobody beats our price.

Folks, this is a critical element. Google now gives even higher rankings to businesses with a YouTube Video on their landing page, and streaming with their preferred systems, either Google AMP or Google PWA is a major plus. 

Get your Free WhatsOUT App.

Rounding out the critical things you must do (this could very well be #2) is developing an Interaction with local folks. When local searches start resulting in local interaction, Google takes note of this interaction and they Like It.
It's a profit motive for them, their Algorithms are looking for successful local searches resulting in local interaction, which ties directly into their entire GoMo Initiative.
When someone finds you through our app and clicks on your listing, Google likes that.
And when someone then clicks on that Favorites button, Google likes that even more.
It's a Win/Win. You not only gain an engaged customer, this activity helps your rankings to inturn get even more engaged customers.
At the rate we are growing, we will soon be the #2 way Local folks will find your business.

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