You have Total Control

You simply download the Free Program and choose how you want to build. You can choose to stay free with either the PWA or AMP basic systems, or there are dozens of optional ready made packets for specific industries. 

The key to success in the Mobile world is Speed. When folks find you on their mobile device, many times they won't have a great connection. According to Google you have 2 SECONDS for your first page load or 48% are gone.

The Newer Google AMP and Progressive Web App formats deliver. You have better engagement and that means More Business. 

Drag & Drop

Start with creating a new site and picking the theme. Then expand the blocks panel with the big red "plus" button in the lower right corner and start dragging the blocks you like.

Edit & Style

The Latest "Inline Editing" allows you to replace the content of each block just like you would in a regular text editor. You just click on media elements you want to select your own content.


Gone are the days of publishing, then checking, then publishing again to get it just right on mobile. Our's is an interactive viewer - just click on "Desktop View" or "Mobile View" in the app to check how your site looks on different devices.

RealEstate Pack

You can use the basic system or choose your industry and purchae a ready made system.
Many agents use the PWA shown here, and then add an AMP system to show Instant Tours with video and stills, each listing with it's own mini-app.
RealEstate Pack

Restaurant Pack

A Beautiful starting palce for your Restaurant. Add things like specials, menu, hours, links, whatever you need.
Restaurant Pack

Travel Agency Pack

Beautiful and Stunning blocks with everything you need. Add your pictures or use the copyright included ones with the system.
Travel Agency Pack


In addition to the Free PWA and AMP formats, there are Dozens of Ready Made Custom Packets that you just purchase (covers an annual subscription), and edit adding your pictures or use the ones already provided. All Copyrights are covered.

There's even an eCommerce Packet, better than nearly Anything out there with None of those Nickle and Dime Add On charges. It includes everything you need. It's 00's cheaper, can grow with you, and it simply Works.

Why is the Customer Experience Important?

You do it All

You can Easily Master everything you need to create an Exceptional Online Experience that complies with all the latest Google Rules of Engagement, a Critical factor.
You download and do it all, and You even Host.

We do it All

Many folks want us to do it all because we have numerous options not included in the Free System.
You tell us what you want, usually by email, and we build, host and Maintain. We web-conference on the Final Changes, and any new changes or additions are done within 24 hours.

A Partnership

In this program you download your program and we do a conference meeting where you give us Mouse Control of your computer. This is only level 1 control so we can't do any hacking and this way we can talk directly with you and show you, on your computer, how you do the different things you need.

Suggested Options

Silver Hosting

$ 1
per month.
  • You Deal direct.
  • Get your Own Hosting & Build your Site.
  • Having your own login to your cPanel gives some benefits and this option gives you all them but without the High Prices and upcharges the resellers add on.
  • It's FAST (SSD Servers)
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Included SSL Host
  • Unlimited Email accounts included.
  • Click Here
  • * See the Partner Plan below.


$ 250
one time.
  • We Build, you Host.
  • 1 Click to Publish
  • You first set up your Silver Plan.
  • Together we decide if PWA or AMP is best, we build your site and set it up with 1 Click to Publish so you can take it over. 
  • You can use your existing email or your hosting plan comes with email.
  • * See the Partner Plan below.


$ 40
per month.
  • We Do it All.
  • We build, host and Manage your site.
  • We set you up with the Silver Plan, included. This way we can turn it over to you if and when you are ready.
  • Email your changes and they are live by next morning. 
  • Includes your own intro. video and customer VIP List Management.
  • Unl. Storange and Bandwidth 
  • $250 One Time App build/out fee.
  • See the Video section for addl. video pricing in

Platinum Partner

Contact Us
  • It's like having your Own V.P. of Marketing
  • Coupons
  • Announcements
  • Video Newsletter
  • List Building
  • Customer VIP Mgt.
  • S.E.O.
  • Custom Videos
  • Exclusive TalkingPage™
  • GeoFence Management
  • We manage your additional tools.
  • See a summary at
  • Each Package is Custom to the business, Let's Talk.

The Partner Plan
We are On Call, when you need us. Works great with the Basic and Silver plans above.
You have the program on your computer and we work with you, as needed, to make your site shine.
(You can be on your computer giving us Mouse Control so you see it happeing on your computer.)
These sessions include 15 minutes each and you get 2 per month. Also includes Unlimited Phone Calls.
By appointment, evenings or weekends.
Price: $25/mo.
(Additional sessions at the Consultation rate.) 

If you need help understanding things or setting things up, our initial consultation is free for the first 15 minutes and then if needed, $50 for any additional 30 minute session afterwords. Example: You decide you want the Basic Hosting above or you already have hosting and want to do it all on your own.
You first download your program and when you're ready, we meet online with you giving us mouse control so we can discuss the things you need and Show you how it's done so you see it happening to better understand. This session is open and we simply answer your questions, doing what you want to see. The cool part is you SEE us doing it right on your computer and see the mouse clicks.

HostBudget /mo. Plan

There are a Lot of hosting companies out there and we have tried most of them. You Will Not find better hosting than HostBudget, who we use for All our Apps.
We used to resell but decided to pass folks directly over to them so everyone deals direct at Wholesale Pricing.

Benefits of Our Hosting

A Very Big Feature is SSD Servers, Solid State Drives with No Spinning Disk = Up to 400% Faster Downloads! In the Mobile World SPEED of Download is Everything. When you combine this with our PWA or AMP technology, NOBODY is Better.
You also get SECURE HOSTING, a feature that will tremendously help your search engine rankings and more importantly, instill customer confidence.
In fact, Google has made another announcement about this and you'll start to see Non-SSL sites begin to be delisted.

Getting Online

With your own hosting you get  

You Publish with a program like  
You just publish to a file, then log into your host and upload those files to your server through the FTP client.

We even have Weebly

Some folks think they need a Name. We can even help here as we are a Weebly Reseller.
We don't do a lot with them because they simply haven't kept up with the technolgoy. They use the older Template style sites and you can compare the features and prices and then decide if it's for you.
But Some folks want a Name so click on the Logo.

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