In July of 2019 Google implemented MOBILE FIRST INDEXING on all sites.
Sites that do not perform well are already being de-listed.

Notice how quickly this page loaded even if you are on a Mobile Device? It's the Latest Google AMP Technology.

If your current site is over SIX MONTHS OLD you are already starting to lose business and probably wondering what's happening.

A Proper Mobile Site is Critical

If you have an online presence there have been some developments that you MUST be aware of...they affect the future of your business.

And don't get suckered into one of those latest "Killer Deals" from an online "Webmaster" that promises to solve all your problems, and that includes most of the Big Hosting Companies.

The big issue, they are simply using Obsolete Technology.

How about a FREE System that will Blow the Doors off Anything out there, including your Webmaster?

It's the Absolute Latest Technology with Drag-n-Drop simplicity.

Google's Progressive Web Apps

Latest technology, Beautiful, Powerful and FAST.

The Google AMP Project

The KING of both Speed and Rankings...

Simply Stunning

This format allows for more stunning apps with premium features like a movie in the background, paralax viewing, etc.
When you have a lot of information and you want a more fancy site, this is a good choice. They aren't as drop dead fast as AMP, but pretty close.
One thing is clear, they Blow the Doors off Anything else out there and are 10 Times Faster than Traditional Mobile Sites because they use 1/10th the storage and the data packets are delivered differently.

Raw Speed

When the bulk of your audience is Mobile then the Google AMP format is for you.
The load speed is nearly instant, which is a big deal when you are pushing information out to both Potential and Existing Customers.

AMP Rules when it comes to speed. For instance, when you push out a coupon or video newsletter to your cell phone users, they want it NOW.
Another example is when you have information going out to 100's (let alone 1,000's) of folks at once. Web servers get bogged down, Google's AMP does not because it accesses information from the Cloud that is cached differently.


We are in the business of helping customers grow their business so we offer both of these cutting edge systems. In fact, we are the Only Company that give you a FREE option.

If you have questions on which is best for you let's talk. Many folks even use both.

Why are we showing you this?
Because we need speed in our appSAVE® Mobile Engagement platforms and this system delivers.

Dr. Rick Mayer

First, Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

The Smarter App you are seeing now is made with AMP.

Why Amp?
"47% of consumers expect page load times under 2 Seconds or Less."
"48% of Smartphone Users WILL NOT return to a site that performs poorly."

Next, Progressive Web Apps

Only Very Slightly slower loading than AMP but still 10x Faster than your traditional website.
You can do some pretty fancy things and we show you some examples.
The premium features are disabled on Smart Phones by the cell companies but they still display in static form.

Is Mobirise Viable? You be the judge.

The "Angie's" link shows the difference.

You be the Judge.

In the link below there are two different versions of Angie's, one costing $1,200 a year and the other with the appVOLV Google AMP meaning it's just the Hosting and domain name, about $25 a year. If you thought the more expensive one would be better, you would be wrong.

Made with the Paid Restaurant Theme.

I knocked this site out in about 2 hours.

Here is another AMP Site.

When you click, note the Page Speed.
It's also a good example of using AMP and linking to PWA for different needs.

This one is in the Progressive Web App Format.

Note the extra features that are added to this site, and they are included.

FOUR Statistics that You NEED to See

If you read these statistics and you unserstand them, you WILL give AppVOLV another look.
One thing is sure, you need to see "Truth abut SEO" on  the link above.

Local Searches

"95% of All Local Searches are now from a Mobile Device." 


"90% of All Web Traffic is now Video Based."


"88% of Consumers took action the same day based upon a Mobile Ad." 

Online Purchases

"75% of all online purchases are from a Mobile Device."  

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